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Do I need to sign a contract to use your service?

Absolutely NOT!TextemailUSA earns your business everyday.There's no commitments nor obligations. You simply sign up at NO COST and get started.

How can I send Email and SMS messages for my marketing campaigns?

After signing up, easily upgrade to our special price offer of Starter Plan at only $9.99/monthly or the Pay&Go plan. You may also just choose from various monthly plans what best meets your needs.

I send larger numbers of marketing emails and fewer sms to my customers, which plan should I purchase?

That’s not a problem as we've had it anticipated.Our flexible system automatically credits your account the total number of sms and/or email that apply to the kind and volume of messages you will be using monthly.If you need additional emails, standard messages or express messages, the system will charge based on rate per email/sms as shown on the pricing table above.

Incoming Messages are ALWAYS FREE

All your incoming messages are free of charge! What are these incoming messages? When contacts wants to join your list, they text your Keyword to 62687 and they can even reply to any message you send them.

Unlimited Contacts & Unlimited Groups

No matter what Textemailusa plan you’re on, your account has no limits when it comes to contacts and Groups. Have as many as you like!.

What are Keywords?

A Keyword is a unique term (letters and/or numbers) that enables your customers to join your text messaging list by texting a word to a short code. It’s basically simple! Try it yourself by texting Joes to 62687. When a customer texts your Keyword to our short code, they get automatically added to your text messaging list and we’ll send your customized auto-response.

How do you count the messages I send?

Each sms is equivalent to one message to one phone number therefore, if you were to send an sms to 10 people, it would count as 10 texts.

We Support Canada

Textemailusa proudly offers full bulk messaging support to all major Canadian cellphone carriers . See our Canadian Pricing list.

No Contracts, Cancel At Anytime

As hassle free as it is, Textemailusa makes it easy for you to upgrade to a monthly plan and cancel that plan anytime you need to. There are absolutely no contracts to sign and certainly no obligations! Upgrade and downgrade at your convenience, even to Pay and Go.

Grab your 20% discount and Pre-Pay for a Year!

While there’s no need to sign a contract with Textemailusa, pre-paying for a year guarantees a 20% savings on your monthly plan. Call us at 1-888-282-0986 and grab your pre-paid discount!

Free Real Human Support

Textemailusa has dedicated to providing you the highest, satisfying level of support at ZERO cost. We’re here to help you via phone, chat and email weekdays at 10 AM – 7 PM EST. We ensure a 24-hour monitoring of our email ticketing system and a guaranteed less than 2 hours response ETA.

Got Questions? Chat with us LIVE!

Need to chat with our a team member? Click here to chat now
Need to talk on the phone? Call us at 1-888-282-0986

Plan Credits vs. Anytime Credits

The Anytime Credits you purchase with your Pay&Go plan will never expire while if you’re on a monthly plan, the Plan Credits you purchase refresh every 30 days based on the initial date your monthly plan started (not on the calendar month).

Standard Delivery vs. Express Delivery

Standard messages are sent out through the Internet using SMTP Email to Text Technology and are NOT SUPPORTED BY THE CARRIERS. Deliverability rate is mostly consistent although can be unpredictable since messages can be trapped in SPAM filters. Since carriers don’t support this delivery method, we can’t offer support for Standard messages and are limited to 130 characters per text (both in US & Canada).We provide Standard Delivery as a legacy service for customers who need to reach small carriers.

Express Delivery messages are sent from our short code which is directly connected to major cellphone carriers. Speed and reliability is similar to sending sms from one cellphone to another. Express messages are limited to 160 characters per text in the US and 130 characters per text in Canada.

* A one-time $10 activation fee is charged for all new activations. Pricing and terms are subject to change at any time without notice.