Textemailusa gives you the best email marketing service with its easy,
smart and well-integrated Email Messaging features.

Guaranteed Deliverability of Marketing Email

TextemailUSA’s Email Messaging features ensure that your email gets delivered as it follows best industry practices and effective service coupled with capabilities in ISP feedback loop analysis, spam check application, SPF & DKIM email authentication and reputation monitoring.

Simple List Management

Maintain clean & organized email recipient lists using smart features like: Email List Creator, Category Creator and Subscription Widget.

Secure & Encrypted Delivery

Our powerful platform ensures secure email sending thru automatic TLS encryption, email sender authentication and protection of server-to-server connection.

User Friendly Tool

Create engaging email marketing campaigns with ease using TextemailUSA’s interface or it’s APIs. Enjoy flexible designs and delivery options with the aid of our pre-designed templates, drag & drop editor, your own HTML and scheduled email campaign delivery.

Track Exact Marketing Email ROI

Explore the platform's dashboard to gain powerful, real-time campaign performance insight . Ability to track real-time email sends, deliveries, bounces, spam reports, clicks, opens, category use, unsubscribes and more. Create customized reports and apply A/B testing for auto sending of best performing email.

Overall, Cost- Effective Email Delivery

TextemailUSA’s dynamic platform enables you to consolidate all of your email deliveries may it be email marketing or promotional campaign, newsletter, or trigger based notifications & alerts – ALL in one platform at lowest price with the least effort

Amazing Support

Our team of email experts are available live to answer your queries and provide timely solutions. You can call, email and chat with us 24x7. Click here for Online Support Portal and Knowledge Base