Textemailusa’s SMS marketing service is ideal for advertising for large or small business ventures.

Issuing customer surveys, announcing special offers, sending inspirational or educational messages, gauge and improve customer service and many more.

1. Select …
2. Upload your contact list and choose the details of your campaign
3. Schedule or Start your campaign…

Whether you're sending to 100 contacts or 10,000 contacts, your message is delivered to your contacts in minutes. Choose the type of text messaging that meets your needs.

Two-Way SMS

24/7 monitoring for minimal latency & optimal deliverability. Create & deliver messages with any alphabet at any length.Receive real time message statuses.


Session based & secure for users.Instant responses & free to end users to reply.

US Short Code

Textemailusa offers Preapproved Short Codes and Dedicated Short Codes

Faster marketing time in just hours instead of months

It’s simple so you only focus on your app and Textemailusa will take care of the rest

Easy to change message content in just a matter of days thru our Preapproved Short Codes

Keywords and Short Codes

Free custom keywords the moment you sign up for any of our monthly plans or with Pay & Go trying it out with a Demo Keyword.
You can also opt to always rent keywords.

Text-to-Join- Using Keywords

Make it handy for your customers to join your marketing list and connect to a Group or multiple Groups to a Keyword in order to segment opt-ins.Your customers can easily join your text marketing list by texting your Keyword to 62687 for USA.

Advanced Features

Extend your professional level marketing tools to texting clients. This feature enables you to collect more information using our double opt-in feature confirming their text with a name or email address. Use our alternate reply feature to auto respond with one message the first time someone texts your Keyword then, with a different message on subsequent texts. It’s also possible to forward keyword opt- ins.

Advanced Messaging

FREE incoming messages

All incoming messages are always free whether you have a Keyword that people are texting in or your contacts are replying to a message you sent them. All incoming sms are stored in your Inbox where you can sort and export whenever you’d like to. (Your contacts have 6 hours to reply after you’ve sent a message)

Message Forwarding

Get constant alerts of your incoming messages without needing to sign in to your account. Message Forwarding allows you to automatically relay incoming sms to an email address or your mobile phone. (Incoming texts forwarded to your phone requires credits like the usual text you send)


Schedule sms campaigns to go out at any date or time. Our Scheduling feature even enables you to choose whether or not to send the message to people who join the Contact Group after you schedule the message but before it is sent.

Drip Campaigns

Use our Drip Campaign feature to automatically send a timed series of text messages to a Group of Contacts.

Recurring Messages

These are perfect to use for weekly sales calls or recurring meeting reminders. Use our Recurring Texts feature (with all sorts of scheduling options) to compose a text message to be sent out regularly – daily, weekly or monthly.


This fantastic feature allows to personalize your marketing list for a greater advantage. You can automatically merge the first and last name fields of each of your contacts in your list.

Message Templates

Aside from our smart Ready-to-Use SMS Templates, this Advanced messaging feature makes it possible for you to save your favorite sms for future use where you can easily select and load it right into the compose message page – and you can even make twitches each time you use it!