Dynamic Marketing.

Make the most of Textemailusa’s powerful platform & build your digital relationship.
Reach out to a maximum number of clients and get that target ROI in your business.

Instant & Guaranteed Connectivity.

Insures maximum and constant reach to clients all over the world in an instant! We offer reliability to any carrier network, navigating volatility within telecom industry so you will only have to focus on your app.

Unparalleled SMS Messaging Services

Instantly delivered SMS messages, time saving short codes and secure USSD all at an exceptional price. Discover what Textemailusa’s Messaging features could do for your business!.

Easy and Smart Email Messaging Features

Ready-to-use & customizable templates,secure & guaranteed delivery,smart lists management & effective ROI tracking.

Always deliver. Increase business revenue

Send Messages on the Go

It's easy to blast sms campaigns even if you’re away from your desk in just 60-second set up on your mobile phone.Just text it to us for FREE with any Keyword and we’ll send your message to the Groups you selected. Our optimized mobile web and mobile apps truly make it hassle free to run business wherever you are!

Upload & Manage Contacts

GYou either upload a spreadsheet or merely paste in your your opted-in contacts, including first & last name and other fields, for easy customization of outgoing messages. You may also sort, segment and update your list of unlimited contacts.

Hassle Free & Cost Effective

Enjoy the ability to combine two of the most effective online marketing tactics and get amazing results at the lowest expense and with the least effort.

Text Voting and SMS Polls

Build a poll with a Keyword and customize poll options like multiple-votes-per-vote, opt-in, Keyword response, result delivery and more. Get real-time graph of your poll results and export data in CSV after your poll ends.

Gain full visibility.Enhance customer communication

Voice, Video and Messages

Textemailusa makes it possible for you to insert into your texts shortened, click-trackable links into the images we host for you. With our partner we also offer free and paid services that allow you to share videos & presentations with anyone using a modern smartphone.Send out thousand of calls within minutes using Textemailusa Voice feature..

Login and Social Widgets

Make it easy and fast for your customers to sign up with our extremely dynamic, customizable social widgets that can be placed on your website and blog. Textemailusa makes it even easy to generate special links to widget that can be included in email blasts.

Integrate via APIs

Provision numbers in bulk in real time. Trigger payments. Display your balance or query specific records.Connect or build a business using the TextemailUSA API.

Reports and Analytics

Our reliable reporting interface provides you with valuable information to track messages and contacts in order to find spikes, see results, analyze, repeat and profit. Refer to our Delivery Reporting features for a detailed information on the status of each message sent at the Contact level.